Racking and Storage, from simple floor stacking to highly sophisticated, computerised storage management...

Modern Warehouse with Two Forklift Trucks

In any warehouse situation space costs money...

Any means of maximising the space and increasing inventory levels can have a very beneficial effect on the bottom line.

There are many methods of storing products in a warehouse, from simple floor stacking to highly sophisticated, computerised storage management. Whatever the system you choose to operate there are six key requirements that any storage system needs:

  • Access - it is no good having stock that cannot be easily and quickly retrieved. Will goods be moved manually or by robotics?
  • Safety - for inventory and staff reasons all storage systems must operate safely
  • Product Format - will you be using palletised storage, packaged, bin or bulk materials?  There may be situations where it is mixed formats
  • Capacities - what height can you operate to and what load bearing is required?
  • Delivery and Removal - how are the products delivered to the storage area and is work required on them before they are despatched?
  • Stock Control - what type of stock control or Warehouse Management System is to be used?  How will data be collected?

At Big Box Intralogistics we can help you answer all these questions.  We can advise you on what is the best solution and supply the storage equipment that best suits your needs. This includes:

  • Pallet Racking
  • Shelving
  • Picking Systems
  • Mezzanine Floors.

Pallet Racking...

Racking is the most common form of storage. Whether you require, a single racking bay or an extensive re-fit of your warehouse, Big Box Intralogistics can design and supply cost effective solutions to your racking needs.

Standard Pallet Racking

This is a system which gives access to a pallet without having to move other pallets. The pallets are stored on beams and are clearly visible to the forklift truck operator or robotics system.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking basically condenses Standard Pallet Racking into a smaller area creating more pallet locations. Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking requires specialist handling equipment such as a Narrow Aisle Trucks.

Drive-in Pallet Racking

This is an excellent way to reduce the storage footprint. The system operates a first in, last out basis and gives high density storage. The pallets are stored on rails. This type of racking will require pallets to be moved to gain access to the pallet required.

Shelving Solutions...

The team at Big Box Intralogistics will help you specify and design your shelving system. As well as supply, we can also install it for you.

Short Span Shelving

This is a system that is generally used for lighter items that are manually picked and packed. The shelves can be solid or tubular.

Long Span Shelving

This is a system that is used for products that are too big for short span shelving but not big enough to fit into the Pallet Racking range. The system is designed to store products that are of a medium weight and are of different shapes and sizes.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a warehouse storage system that is made up of vertical columns and arms. It offers a cost-effective and safe solution for storing various types of long and heavy goods such as timber products and metalwork. The open-fronted configuration gives the ability to store varying lengths and widths of items.

Manual Picking Systems…

At Big Box Intralogistics we can supply manual or automated equipment when we get to the product picking stage of a warehouse design. The manual picking methods involve the process of picking items, products or merchandise from the warehouse’s inventory without the benefit of software and other equipment that would automate some or all of the process.

We can supply a wide range of manual handling equipment for the following picking methods:

  • Picker to Part/Piece Picking Method - This simple and most common method of order picking involves sending an employee through the warehouse or distribution centre with an order list and a container. The order picker either walks or drives along aisles to retrieve items specified for orders one by one from the warehouse storage area.
  • Zone Picking Method - With this method, each order picker is assigned to one specific zone and only picks orders within this zone. Each employee is in charge of a section and pulls from his or her section to accommodate incoming orders. A box may travel through many areas until the order is complete, usually using a conveyor belt.
  • Wave Picking Method - Wave picking allows for all products to be picked from what appears to be random locations. A sorter will bring common items of the same order together later to the packing area. As a result, similar SKUs can be placed far away from each other in separate places in the warehouse, removing the danger of inaccurate picking.
  • Pick to Box Method - This method has a bit of basic automation involved. With the pick-to-box method, the box moves and may be packed by more than one picker. The picking area is structured to have a number of picking stations linked by a conveyor. The order picker fills the container with the products from his station and the box travels to the other picking stations until the customer order is fulfilled.

If you are using manual picking systems in you warehousing processes then get in touch with us.

Mezzanines & Multi-tier Shelving…

A mezzanine floor or multi-tier shelving solution is a cost effective solution to unlocking the potential and increasing the productivity from your existing building especially when it comes to warehousing developments.
  • Want to expand - don’t think additional ground space, think about using wasted roofspace!
  • Don’t want to relocate - unlock the potential of the extra space above your head!
  • Need more capacity - use the unused height of your building to satisfy your growth needs.

At Big Box Intralogistics we provide concept, design, construction and installation for mezzanines, stairways, raised walkways and multi-tier shelving.

Often designed to take a mezzanine floor or multi-tier shelving at a later date, your high bay industrial unit allows your warehouse to grow with you. The advantages are:
  • No relocation issues or costs
  • Ability to remain close to manufacturing/assembly
  • Low cost development option
  • Maximise overhead/running costs (rates, rent, light etc)
  • No additional security required
  • No split warehousing.Whether your mezzanine floor is a one-off project or part of a bigger refit or new build we work with you through all the stages.  
We tailor the mezzanine or multi-tier shelving design to your business needs. Our  service includes everything from the initial survey and quote to the handover after installation.

As well mezzanine floors Big Box Intralogistics also supply the access stairways (including handrails) and balustrades that go with them. We can also accommodate the fitting of lifts and inclined conveyors into mezzanine schemes, incorporating them into our designs.

Warehouse Facilities

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Materials Handling

Supply of a full range of equipment to move stock around a warehouse, robotically, semi-automatically or manually using machine power or gravity...

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