Fork & Lift Trucks...

Our range of articulated fork lift trucks improves storage, handling and order efficiency in a wide number of applications...

We have six models in the range covering a wide range of logistics and warehouse operations.

Our Current Fork Lift Truck Range...

Flexi AC 1000/1100

Flexi AC 1000/1100 Fork Lift Truck

Create up to 30% more warehouse capacity. Flexi AC 1000 has been designed to provide the maximum level of storage density. Capable of working in just 1.5 M or 1.6M aisles - Flexi AC 1000 provides an economical solution for low bay warehouses, where high lift performance is not required and a more compact articulated forklift truck is more suited to the application.

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The Flexi AC 1200/1250

Flexi AC 1200/1250 Fork Lift Truck

This electric powered articulated forklift truck is the most popular articulated forklift truck in Europe. The important design elements, together with the numerous advanced operational and safety features increase the Flexi AC 1200/1250’s appeal even further for operators. At the heart of the Flexi AC forklift concept is a commitment to operator safety and handling efficiency.

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Flexi AC HiLoad

Flexi AC HiLoad Fork Lift

Modern logistics warehouses need faster throughput capability and high density storage to meet supply chain needs. The Flexi AC Very Narrow Aisle truck gives you the perfect solution. It has been developed for lifting ISO and EURO pallets to over 11 metres.

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Flexi AC Hi Max

Flexi AC Hi Max Fork Lift Truck

Specially engineered to combine narrow aisle operation with the lift heights demanded by today’s logistics industry. Flexi AC HiMAX features three chassis options – 1250mm, 1350mm or 1400mm depending on the application, providing extra load rating and stability.

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Flexi AC VNA 1000/1100

Flexi AC VNA 1000/1100 Fork Lift Truck

Works alongside inductive wire and steel rail guided VNA warehouse trucks and robots. Will operate in 1.5m or 1.6m aisles and has a 1350kg lift capacity to over 8m. Ultra-narrow 1000mm wide chassis and 220º articulation combine with true four wheel stability.

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Flexi AC StorMAX

Flexi AC StorMAX Fork Lift Truck

The power to store 50% more for less. Flexi StorMAX allows users to handle two pallets from the same side of each very narrow aisle - which effectively doubles the capacity of each run of racking. Lift to heights over 11 metres with 1000kg capacity, even in the rear back pallet position.

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Flexi LITE

Flexi LITE Fork Lift Truck

The Flexi LITE articulated truck is now available with an integrated four-stage 'Quad' lift mast. Highly suited to the task of stuffing and de-stuffing ISO containers, and the ideal product for use at sites where a high degree of 'cross docking' is undertaken.

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