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The GreyOrange Butler Goods-to-Person System is just one of the many ways in which we can integrate robotics into your Warehouse setup... just contact us for more information...

In the modern intralogistics world automation of the traditional warehouse handling services such as picking, moving and sortation is a growing trend.

At Big Box Intralogistics we have teamed up with one of the worlds leading suppliers, Grey Orange to provide our customers with the automated warehousing solutions they are looking for.

With online and offline sales channels and the need to offer services such as same-day-delivery and store pick-up, customer fulfillment and delivery needs have changed. This has forced companies to improve efficiency and reduce the order-to-delivery time. The sheer volume and mix of orders mean that warehouses across the world are under increasing pressure to deliver in the shortest possible timeframes. 

Traditional warehouse automation struggles to fulfil in these situations. Flexible automation of these intralogistics processes is allows businesses to meet customers needs and gain a competitive advantage. These autonomous “goods-to-person” automation systems are the future for intralogistics.

The Butler Robot

A Robotic Goods-to-Person System...

The mobile robots from GreyOrange are excellent examples of goods-to-man automation. The Butler system consists of Butler Robots (Autonomous mobile robots), Pick/Put stations, Mobile Storage Units (MSU) and Auto-Charging stations.

When combined with GreyMatter, which is an end-to-end intelligent order fulfilment software platform, you have a complete automation solution. One that controls and manages various devices to drive autonomous collaboration across all intralogistic operational needs.

The GreyOrange Butler is an advanced autonomous mobile robot that uses robotic goods-to-person technology for automated put-away, inventory storage, replenishment and order picking. These goods-to-man robots in a warehouse, adapt seamlessly to changing inventory, demand patterns and peaks. Modular system architecture ensures scalability to increase storage volume or fulfilment by adding more storage racks or robots, as needed.

Butler Pickpal

Automated Fulfilment For Warehouses...

Today, supply chains are under enormous pressure to keep up with ever-increasing consumer demands. Rapid e-commerce adoption places new demands on warehouse operations. Automation is the answer but what do you do about picking?

PickPal is an automated picking system and it works seamlessly with the Butler Robot for automated piece picking in warehouses. This robotic device can pick, process, consolidate, and prepare orders in warehouses. It is perfect for e-commerce warehouse automation as it works collaboratively with  human operators to fulfil orders, increasing picking productivity and can operate from the same workstation.


Sortation is a critical and complex step in the order fulfilment process. We have a number of solutions that will help speed up this process through automation.

Flexo… Your fleet of modular sortation robots

Customers are ordering an increased variety of products today but still requiring even faster delivery. With unprecedented growth in volumes combined with peak demand volatility, businesses find it increasingly difficult to meet these demands. Flexo provides the answers, its a modular sortation system, designed for flexibility and portability. The mobile sortation robots move around picking and sorting deliveries and deliver them to work stations. Flexo robots can be used for a range of applications across retail and logistics industries. The AI-enabled robotics system can be easily scaled up or down making it more investment-friendly and cost-efficient.

Linear Sorter… a flexible, scalable sortation system

Challenges such as increasing costs, high order volumes, manpower issues, shorter order processing window & scope for zero-error have led to the adoption of automation solutions to overcome any operational inefficiencies in distribution and fulfilment centres. Linear Sorter is a hi-tech automated warehouse parcel/linear sorting system using advanced software. It offers unmatched throughputs, package-handling capability and reliability and routes parcels/packages based on industry defined sortation logic such as destination, volume or weight.

Pick-Put-to-Light… controls picking, put - away and sorting

Picking and replenishment processes account for up to 70% of operating costs in a warehouse and remains the top priority for warehouse management. Industries increasingly rely on innovative solutions as they continue to reduce pick and fill costs and increase worker efficiency and productivity. Pick-Put-to-Light (PPTL) system is a SMART shelf edge device that improves operator’s productivity and enhances efficiency. It directs the warehouse operative in the picking, put - away, and sorting processes. This minimises operator errors, speeds up restocking, returns and order processing whilst improving overall productivity.

Warehouse Facilities

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Materials Handling

Supply of a full range of equipment to move stock around a warehouse, robotically, semi-automatically or manually using machine power or gravity...

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