One of the UK’s only single source intralogistics suppliers to offer information, advice and guidance on every aspect of intralogistics...

Integration along the entire supply chain.

Big Box Intralogistics are based in Yorkshire and supply clients across the UK and Europe.

Formed in 2000 they have already carved a niche for themselves in the emerging intralogistics market sector with their integrated approach.

With supply chain management becoming increasingly more important and complex in businesses today there has been a need for more integration across all the logistical functions. Whether its the receipt and storage of raw materials or the delivery of actual products, the process needs to be seen as one integrated function - intralogistics.

Big Box Intralogistics are one of the UK’s only single source intralogistics suppliers and are uniquely placed to offer information, advice and guidance on every aspect of intralogistics.

Finding a company who can handle all your logistical, handling and warehousing needs is more important than ever. In today’s fast-moving internet world delays at any point in the supply chain don’t just cost you money, they lose you business. Big Box Intralogistics understand this and their ‘intralogistics’ approach means their seamless solutions integrate simply and easily right across your business.Whether it’s a revised layout, updated racking, additional capacity or a full warehouse re-design, we can offer advice as well as supply safe, reliable storage solutions. This service includes configuration, installation and post sales support.

Flexibility and reliability, when handling raw materials or stock, is essential for any efficient warehousing facility, no matter how large or small. Big Box Intralogistics are recognised suppliers of quality manual, automatic and robotic materials handling equipment.

Warehouse Facilities

A full turnkey Intralogistics service, from warehouse design, to the internal layout and stock identification signage…

Materials Handling

Supply of a full range of equipment to move stock around a warehouse, robotically, semi-automatically or manually using machine power or gravity...

BigBox World

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Temporary & Semi - Permanent Buildings for Industry, Commerce & Sport

Big-Box-Buildings, part of the Big Box family of businesses, provide temporary and semi-permanent buildings as a lower cost, lower risk and swifter build option. Industrial applications include warehousing and logistics, workshops and production areas plus loading bay and materials storage. We can also provide additional facilities for sport and leisure providers, retail operators, the hospitality sector and educational establishments.

Expanding your on-site space has never been so easy…